IVECA programs expand towards International Virtual Schooling that connects schools, districts/ministries of education, institutes of teacher training, and higher education in the areas of teacher education, culture and policy studies. This broad network facilitates transformation of school education and aligns it with today’s 21st century global society.

For its sustainable implementation, International Virtual Schooling strives to establish systematic collaborations with key stakeholders of local universities, training institutes, districts/departments/ministries of education, technology companies and international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and or NGOs.

Various partnership projects involving such stakeholders are planned to realize International Virtual Schooling all around the world. Also, the framework to develop intercultural competence through virtual exchange activities can be applied to any kind of programs that involve global and intercultural dialogues. Collaborations under the following project themes have been being formed accordingly, based on the common belief to make our planet better place to live together.

  • IVECA for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • IVECA for Quality Education for All
  • IVECA for the 21st Global Citizenship Education
  • IVECA for Environmental Leadership
  • IVECA for World Peace
  • IVECA for Women’s Empowerment