Center for International Virtual Schooling pursues to implement the intercultural education program IVECA into all levels of schools across the world. The Center also conducts research and strives to provide the necessary educational support system in collaboration with other universities, the United Nations, UNESCO, international NGOs and business groups.

The Center is dedicated to:

  • Connecting K-12 school classrooms and university courses to promote intercultural competence and global collaborative learning
  • Supporting educators to be able to engage the 21st century students to the intercultural and globalized learning environment
  • Helping students in developed and developing countries share quality education together through the intercultural virtual exchange platform
  • Facilitating intercultural dialogues between people around the world to expand their global perspective that is essential for solving international issues and enhancing international relations
  • Contributing to nations’ capacity building by reducing digital divide in education through the partnership with various organizations that distribute technologies and energy resources